This page has information about agencies that can assist you with different issues.

Human Rights and Discrimination


The Cambridge Human Rights Commission is a city agency. It will investigate your complaint of racial, gender, disabilities and other forms of illegal discrimination—especially in housing. If CHRC finds your complaint is justified, you can choose between mediation and legal action by the state Attorney General’s office.

Cambridge Human Rights Commission
51 Inman Street
Cambridge 02139


The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination is a state agency. It investigates complaints of racial, gender, disabilities and other discrimination—including housing and especially in employment. MCAD can issue subpoenas and impose fines or penalties.

Mass. Commission Against Discrimination (Boston office)
One Ashburton Place
Sixth Floor, Room 601
Boston 02108


Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities is a city agency.

Michael Muehe, Executive Director
Kate Thurman, Disability Project Coordinator
51 Inman Street, second floor
Cambridge 02139


The Architectural Access Board is a State agency concerned with insuring that persons with disabilities don’t face barriers to full access to public facilities, including streets and sidewalks.

Massachusetts Architectural Access Board
One Ashburton Place, Room 1310
Boston, 02108

Preventing Homelesness


The Multi-Service Center is a city agency. It offers a range of services for homeless people and services to prevent homelessness. They have Spanish speakers on staff and work with a Haitian Kreyol advocacy group.

Multi-Service Center for the Homeless
362 Green Street (former Police Headquarters, Central Square)
Cambridge 02139


HomeStart is an independent nonprofit with offices in Boston. They used to have a Cambridge office in Central Square but that office closed in 2015. HomeStart's focus is getting homeless persons off the street and into permanent housing,. They will also work with you to keep you from becoming homeless.

HomeStart Inc.
105 Chauncy Street
Boston MA 02111

Legal Aid


Cambridge and Somerville Legal Services is the division of Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) serving residents of these and neighboring cities north of Boston.

60 Gore Street Suite 203
Cambridge 02141



Besides providing staff attorneys, they can put you in touch with private attorneys providing pro bono (free) legal assistance to lower-income residents. They are especially helpful when there is more than one issue involved, for example if you are being threatened with eviction and are also a person with a disability, in need of services.

DE NOVO used to be the Community Legal Services and Counseling Center (CLSACC), located for many years on West Street in Cambridge. Please note their new address below.

47 Thorndike Street, SB-LL-1
Cambridge, MA 02141
Tel: 617-661-1010


Harvard Legal Aid

Harvard Legal Aid provides free legal help for income-qualified tenants and others, especially during the school year. They have only a skeleton crew in the summer.

Harvard Legal Aid Bureau
23 Everett Street
Cambridge 02138


Harvard Tenant Advocacy Project  Harvard Law students with TAP can assist and represent public housing and voucher tenants who file grievances with housing authority panels. They can’t represent you in court.

Tenant Advocacy Project
Harvard Law School
Austin Hall, Room 009
Cambridge 02138


National Lawyers Guild   

The Lawyers Guild does not conduct in person client intake for referrals or walk-ins.  Referral requests for attorneys should be completed online using the Attorney Request Form or by calling (617) 227-7008.

14 Beacon Street, Suite 407   Boston, MA 02108

617-227-7008, 617-227-7335


Mediation For Results, Just-A-Start

Mediation For Results
Just-A-Start Corporation
1035 Cambridge Street, Suite 12
Cambridge 02141
Peter Shapiro  617-494-0444 x317


Boston Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP)

Results TPP operates out of the Boston Housing Court but has now expanded its services to the Eastern Housing Court in Middlesex County, which includes Cambridge and Somerville. TPP provides legal assistance on the spot in Housing Court only, not in the regular District Court where CHA and other landlords usually file summary process eviction cases. However either landlord or tenant has the right to transfer a District Court case to Housing Court. Here is a description of the services and a referral form meant to be filled out by service providers for of tenants at risk of displacement. Questions should be directed to

Sanjay Sankaran, TPP Specialist
Bay Cove Human Services, Inc.
66 Canal Street,  Boston MA 02114
617-788-6211    email:


Legal Tactics for Massachusetts Tenants

This first three editions of this book were published by Cambridge Tenants Organizing Committee in the early 1970s. Since that time it has been updated and published by Mass. Law Reform Institute. The 2008 edition of this book and various supplements are now available online.

Legal Tactics CLICK HERE information for all residential tenants

Legal information for public housing tenants CLICK HERE


Food Pantries and Food Stamps


Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee  runs a food pantry which accepts emergency referrals Monday through Friday. They can also help you file for food stamps benefits.

11 Inman Street, Cambridge 02139

Cambridge Dept. of Human Services listing of food pantries

Domestic Violence

The Women’s Center

The Women’s Center is an independent nonprofit agency run by and for women. It hosts a range of activities including support groups for battered women, trauma survivors, and for the lesbian community.

46 Pleasant Street
Cambridge 02139

Children With Voices

Children With Voices is a program run out of The Guidance Center on Sacramento Street in Cambridge, but families from other cities and towns are eligible for its services. Supports children who witness domestic violence.

5 Sacramento Street
Cambridge 02138
Gail Council, 617-284-5130

Medical Emergencies

We are still collecting information about agencies that assist with medical emergencies.


Reaching Out About Depression (ROAD) was a community-based program created by and for neighborhood women who suffer with depression and related issues. However ROAD had to disband for lack of funding.

All services were offered free. By creating a network of support in the community, ROAD helped women experiencing stress or depression understand that they are not alone, while offering strategies and resources to promote their self-empowerment and improved quality of life.