Help for Voucher Tenants

Do you need help with:


Reasonable Accomodation?

Emergency Assistance?

Request for Hearing?

Rights of Tenants?



When have a voucher and apply to landlords, they may require that you fill out a Request for Tenancy Approval.

Other Useful CHA Forms


CHA Administrative Plan for the Federal Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Cambridge Housing Authority's Administrative Plan covers its rules and regulations for  Housing Choice, the biggest mobile voucher program. It describes how to get a voucher and continue to participate as a voucher household. The current "Admin Plan" was adopted in 2012 and may be viewed here.

Moving from one Housing Authority to another: "Porting"

A mobile Housing Choice Voucher issued by any Housing Authority may be used anywhere in the United States or its territories. When a voucher is "ported" or used in another jurisdiction, the Housing Authority in that jurisdiction may "absorb" it.