Elevator shaft

by Bill Bumpus

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19 2011—Maybe you’ve seen these guys. Sometimes they wear green T shirts blazoned with the words: “Cheap labor isn’t skilled—Skilled labor isn’t cheap.” They are members of Local 4, International Union of Elevator Constructors. For several months, they’ve been picketing outside two apartment buildings owned by the Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA). 

Have you mailed your ballot?

ACT Board election closes next week  

MONDAY, APRIL 2 2012—Public housing and voucher residents have mailed hundreds of ballots to the ACT post office box as the group's election process continues. Residents who haven't yet voted now have less than a week to mail in their ballots. The ACT election committee urges people to mail in their vote by Thursday, April 5 if possible. The committee notes that although first-class mail is usually delivered in one day, it is sometimes delayed. The rule is: to be safe, allow five days for delivery.  In 2009 dozens of ballots were received too late to be counted. 

However voters will also have the option of casting their ballots on ACT’s election day, Tuesday, April 10. On that day the League of Women Voters will staff six ACT polling places for two hours, between 4:30 and 6:30.

Notice of ACT July Board meeting

The Governing Board of the Alliance of Cambridge Tenants is meeting on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at the ACT office and community room, Jackson Gardens, 135 Prospect Street. At this meeting the Board will vote on amending the ACT Bylaws.

Restoring Bread and Jams for the Homeless

 by Hasson Rashid


A Harvard Square day shelter for homeless people has been closed. It was a sad day for Cambridge. After decades of service, "Bread and Jams" will be missed. However a committee has been formed to restore the program's funding.


Board candidates on ACT ballot

Here is a complete list of candidates whose names will appear on the ballots printed for the 2012 ACT Board election. Each ballot will also have two spaces for write-ins. Many of the candidates submitted written statements which you can find by scrolling down past the next few articles on this page.

Who saved Harvard Sq apts?

Bill Cunningham

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 23, 2012—WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING: According to the official Harvard Gazette, City Hall and Harvard University have just saved 25 low-income households from losing their homes—almost singlehandedly.  You can read the article, “Affordable housing, saved,” here. It’s true that those affordable apartments, at Chapman Arms on the edge of Harvard Square, really were at risk a few short months ago. And it’s true that Harvard and the City played key roles in preserving them. But the most important actors were simply left out of the story—namely, the tenants themselves.

Yet at the dedication ceremony for Chapman Arms almost all of the speakers credited the tenants for the work they did to make this preservation deal possible.

CHA releases annual plan

TUESDAY, JANUARY 24 2012—The Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) has posted its Moving To Work Annual Plan for Fiscal year 2013 online. The CHA Board of Commissioners approved the document Monday night. Why is the annual plan called Moving To Work? Because CHA operates under the Federal government's permissive "Moving To Work" guidelines.

CHA hosts annual plan hearing

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16 2011— Last night CHA officials presented the agency's plans for the coming fiscal year to an audience most of whom were voucher and public housing tenants. The public hearing is required under federal regulations. This year’s hearing took place in the context of the most severe budget cuts in the 75 year history of the program. Members if the public now have until January 9 to submit written comments on the plan to the CHA.

The ACT office has moved

MONDAY, MARCH 5 2012— The Alliance of Cambridge Tenants has moved its office from Manning Apartments to Jackson Gardens.

Sharp elbows in the soup line

DECEMBER, 2011—The dark winter of austerity and depression deepens across the land. Agencies compete bitterly among themselves for contracts and supplement their budgets at the expense of low-income residents. It's happening everywhere. But here we will focus on the Cambridge Housing Authority.