Candidates contend for thirty seats on ACT Board

FRIDAY, April 4, 2014— Today official ballots were released for the 2014 ACT Board election. The ballots listed eighteen residents of public housing and fourteen CHA voucher tenants as candidates for thirty seats on the Board. Candidates will have a chance to meet each other and the public between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. Saturday April 12 at the Senior Center in Central Square. Final votes will be accepted and all ballots counted on Patriot’s Day, April 21.

More ballots and information packets will be available at a number of locations, including CEOC, the CHA main office, and the ACT office. The Election Committee encourages candidates and interested residents to pick them up and distribute them widely. ACT is recognized by the Housing Authority, and operates in harmony with government guidelines, according to which all adult CHA voucher tenants and Cambridge public housing residents are ACT members and thus entitled to vote for its Board.

Meridien Hotel workers join union; Lesley U signs contract

by Lisa Clauson, UNITE HERE

SATURDAY, MARCH 15, 2014— Earlier this month, Le Meridien Cambridge workers joined UNITE HERE Local 26. After nearly two years of weekly picket lines, a boycott and the support of the broader community, 75 workers are thrilled to have a voice and respect on the job.

CHA proposes changes in public housing lease and ACOP rules

THURSDAY, MARCH 6, 2014 (updated)— Public housing tenants, attention. Cambridge Housing Authority is proposing changes to two very important documents: (1) the CHA apartment lease and (2) the Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy for Federal Public Housing (ACOP)—the basic rule book for the public housing program. There are also proposed changes to the schedule of maintenance charges and legal fees.

ACT Board election set for April 21

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2014— At its January 25, 2014 meeting, the ACT Board established an Election Committee and set April 21 as Election Day for the third ACT Governing Board. The current Board’s terms run out in April.

There will be thirty seats on the new ACT Board—up to fifteen public housing tenants and up to fifteen voucher tenants. The term runs for two years.

ACT announces review and vote on major bylaws changes

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2013— Toward the end of October, the Board of the Alliance of Cambridge Tenants will hold two regular board meetings  to consider and vote on changes to the ACT Bylaws. 

MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 at 6:00 p.m. 

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 at 3:00 p.m. 

Both meetings will take place at 237 Franklin Street, Manning Apartments, in the Second Floor Terrace Room.

The ACT Bylaws Review Committee is recommending a number of significant changes and additions to the bylaws

CHA resident art contest

$300 first prize—deadline is November 7

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2013—CHA is looking for entries in its annual art contest. The winner will appear on the cover of CHA's 2015 Annual Plan book. If you’re interested, click here for details.

ACT rejects Governor's public housing reform bill

by Cheryl-Ann Pizza-Zeoli

FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 2013—On January 10, 2013, Governor Patrick filed a bill to consolidate the state’s 240 housing authorities into just six Regional Housing Authorities (RHAs). The Board of the Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT) has voted to oppose the Governor’s bill.

We Are Not Machines

by Rosa de la Rosa  

Housekeeper, Le Meridien Cambridge, 14 years of service

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2012—The last raise I got was 25 cents, but the increase in transportation and health insurance costs ate up the 25 cents. So not fighting for a better future is not an option.

interview: Customer Service at Cambridge Housing

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012— In July the Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) created a new position—Customer Service and Communications—and appointed Naomie Stephen to the job. What does the new job entail? Victoria Bergland interviewed Naomie to find out. Victoria is ACT's Public Housing Co-Chair.

Background and update: Forest City and the moratorium

by bill cunningham

FRIDAY, SEPT. 21, 2012—In August the Cambridge city council surprised many people when it failed to adopt a zoning change which would pave the way for expansion of University Park and a big new biolab on Mass. Avenue. For the biolab’s opponents, the council vote was the climax of several months of organizing. For residents of University Park’s 168 low- and moderate-income apartments, it may be a new beginning.