ACT Board term extended 6 months

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 14, 2016—Yesterday ACT's Governing Board voted to extend its current term by six months. The reasoning was that the organization needs time to consider how to make its next Board election more democratic and inclusive. The meeting also reviewed the financial balance and projected budget for the coming year. Money available will fall far short of the funds necessary to reach all those eligible to vote and serve on the Board.

ACT bylaws change proposed

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 3— The ACT Board will consider amending the organization's bylaws to extend the current term of Officers and Board members by six months. To read the proposed amendments, click here. The text will also be sent to ACT’s mailing list.

The current Board has served since election to a two-year term in April 2014. The first ACT Board was elected to a three-year term in 2009.