Notice of ACT July Board meeting

The Governing Board of the Alliance of Cambridge Tenants is meeting on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at the ACT office and community room, Jackson Gardens, 135 Prospect Street. At this meeting the Board will vote on amending the ACT Bylaws.

The meeting is open to all ACT members, but only current Board members will vote on the proposed bylaws changes.

Most of the changes being proposed involve the Board’s election process. 

Each ACT voter could choose any three candidates from either public housing or voucher programs. The Board would continue to have equal representation from the public housing and voucher programs, though the size of the Board would be smaller.

The office of co-Secretary would be abolished, reducing the number of executive officers from six to four.

The current two-year terms of office for Board members would be increased to three years. Term limits would be abolished.

ACT would continue to be the recognized independent tenant organization representing CHA public housing (which includes RAD and Formerly Public Housing developments) and voucher tenants.

If the Bylaws changes are approved, the Board will also vote on amending ACT’s Annual Budget to include the cost of holding a Board election in October 2016.

To see the official public notice of this meeting, click here.

For a summary of proposed amendments, click here.

For the complete Bylaws incorporating all proposed amendments, click here.


Hard copies of these documents are available on request at the ACT office. 617-499-7031