State law against bullying?

FRIDAY, MAY 10—What is bullying? You usually think of a bully as young male who walks around with a few other guys and harrasses particular individuals. But “grown-ups” can be bullies too. In fact bullying is so common in housing for people over age 55 that it has led to calls for new laws to combat it.

The Mass. Union of Public Housing Tenants (MUPHT) supports these anti-bullying initiatives. MUPHT informs us that a group called the Stop Bullying Coalitionis working with legislators who have filed three bills to deal with this issue. Several tenant leaders testified at the State House to explain how serious this issue hs become for thousands of residents. Please click here to read what the legislators and tenants had to say.

These bills deal only with buildings subsidized for elders and persons with disabilities. Cities and towns might consider whether it makes sense to work on ordinances to cover other types of living situations.The Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT) is affiliated with MUPHT.