ACT ballots to be counted Nov. 2

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30—Volunteers from the Arlington League of Women Voters will open the ballot box and begin counting the votes at the ACT Office shortly after 4:00 in the afternoon of Saturday, November 2. There are sixty-five candidates for thirty seats on the ACT Governing Board. Results are expected to be announced by 7:00 p.m.

The count will take place in the ACT Office at 135 Prospect Street.

ACT members and candidates are welcome to drop by during the count and to hear the results in the community room next to the ACT office.

Most voters used the business reply envelopes enclosed with the ballots sent out in in September. The ACT Board 

set October 19 as the original date for counting the ballots.

But the count had to be delayed because the U.S. Postal Service was very late in returning the ballots via business reply mail. Keeping the original date for the vote count would have cheated a lot of voters who mailed their ballots on time in good faith.