Results in Governing Board election

New Board begins 2 ½ year term in one month

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8—The votes are counted at last. ACT has a new Governing Board that will meet to select its executive officers on December 7. ACT voters have also weighed in on some policy questions for the new Board’s guidance.

ACT’s long election process began in February. The process was plagued by a series of glitches, including unprecedented delays in the return of nomination and papers and ballots by the U.S. Postal Service.

At last all the ballots seemed to be in by November 2nd. The volunteers from Arlington came to open the ballot envelopes and count the votes. But the count encountered yet another setback. Every voter was entitled to vote for four candidates, but the volunteers reported that around ninety voters had checked off seven or eight choices.

The design of the ballot was clearly at fault. The ballot instructions said—correctly—that half the ACT Board members would be voucher tenants and half public housing/RAD tenants. That appears to have misled some people to think they had to cast four votes on each of the two lists.

Rather than throw these votes out, the ACT officers were consulted. They approved a suggestion that in these cases, each vote should be counted as a half vote.

Thus someone who voted for eight candidates would have their four votes distributed as half-votes for the eight candidates.

This procedure was accepted as fair on Thursday by the Board of the Women Voters League of Arlington, the people who counted our votes. They then completed the count and forwarded the result to the ACT Office.

A dozen ballots still had to be rejected as invalid and one candidate was disqualified.


Following are the results of the vote.

Alliance of Cambridge Tenants • Winners of 2019 Board Election

As tallied by volunteers of the League of Women Voters of Arlington as of November 7, 2019


PUBLIC-HOUSING/RAD— listed in order of number of votes received

James Williamson - Jefferson Park 

Laura Montgomery - Putnam Gardens

Linda Montgomery - Corcoran Park

Cheryl Pattterson-Munroe - Newtowne Court

Janak Nepal - Putnam Gardens 

Victoria Bergland - Lincoln Way

Consuelo Diaz - Putnam Gardens 

Brian McCarthy - Putnam School Apartments 

Jean Hannon - Woodrow Wilson Court 

George Cook - Burns Apartments

Leroy Bush - LBJ Apartments

Kathleen Locascio - Jefferson Park 

Rebecca Wade - LBJ Apartments

Rosemarie Moorehead - LBJ Apartments 


As of this writing it is not settled which of the following two candidates won the fifteenth public housing/RAD seat

Ms. Stephanie Lopes - Manning Apartments 

Ashlee Smith - Manning Apartments  

LEASED-HOUSING/VOUCHER—listed in order of number of votes received

Sherri Tucker - Central Square 40.5

Hasson J. Rashid - Central Square 22.5

Leonard Francis - Cambridgeport 18

Betty Dupont - Riverside 15.5

Cibele Goncalves - Donnelly Field 14.5

Alice Haynes - Central Square 14

Katheleen Williams - Fresh Pond/Highlands 14

Mohammed M. Hoque - North Cambridge 13.5

Abdulmalik Jackson - Memorial Drive 13.5

Laika Maria Marseille- East Cambridge 13

Duane Callender - Fresh Pond/Highlands 12

Gwendolyn Howard - Central Square 12

Helena Da Silva - Cambridgeport 11.5

Laura Lopez - Memorial Drive 11.5

Doris M. Maldonado - Kendall Square 10.5


The following two candidates tied Ms. Maldonado with the same number of votes, but were counted out by a blind drawing, the method ACT prescribed to break ties.

Johnnie Jasper Landrum - Central Square 10.5

Jennie Dejesus-Acevedo - East Cambridge 10.5