at the State House, Tuesday, January 14

SATURDAY, JANUARY 11— The Joint Legislative Committee on Housing will hold hearings on important housing bills including proposals for local option rent control. The hearings will take place in the largest space in the State House, the Gardner Auditorium.

The hearings will begin at 10:30 a.m. There will also be a rally for rent control outside the State House at noon. Cambridge residents can easily get to te State House by taking the Red Line to Park Street Station.

The Executive Officers of the Alliance of Cambridge Tenants were polled by ACT's Voucher Co-Secretary last week. As the decision-making body of ACT between Board meetings, the Officers approved this call to attend these hearings. 

In December 2017 ACT adopted the principles of the national coalition Right To The City. Right To The City actively supports the rent control initiatives that are making headway throughout the country, notably in the states of Oregon, California, and New York. In ACT’s recent Board election a policy question asked ACT members if they think we need rent control— 88 percent of those voting answered “yes”. 

To access the full set of Bills before the Committee please click the link below: