LLC? REAC? What the ##*&! is that?

Look it up in ACT’s affordable housing glossary

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3—You come to a meeting about housing issues. You hear speakers repeatedly using unfamiliar words and phrases. You would like to know what they are talking about but they don't seem to have time to explain what all these terms mean. So you may leave the meeting with only a vague idea what was going on. Several years ago some people at ACT began to address this problem by working on a glossary of definitions for commonly used housing terms. The ACT office announces that this glossary is finally available.

Affordable Housing: a Glossary” is 25 pages, printed in a handy booklet format for easy reference. This glossary is intended mainly for use in Cambridge and Massachusetts. But 90 percent of the definitions are good just about anywhere in the USA.

Copies of the glossary will be available at ACT meetings and other public events. The ACT office will mail you a copy on request. The booklet itself is free, but it cost ACT about 25 cents to produce, not including all the editing, reviewing, and other labor donated. Mailing a copy will cost around a dollar. Therefore the ACT office will be happy to accept donations for copies of the glossary. 

Although the booklet has already benefited from many comments and suggestions in draft, more are always welcome. There is no such thing a perfect in this world! As comments come in, ACT wil evaluate them, modify future printings, and eventually make the glossary material available on this organization's website.