Evictions, foreclosures paused

FRIDAY APRIL 24, 2020—It’s the law: for the time being, evictions and foreclosures are on hold in Massachusetts. The Legislature passed the emergency bill on Friday, and Governor Baker signed it on Monday the 20th. Rents and mortgage installments will still be due, but no late penalties are allowed when inability to pay is due to a pandemic-related hardship. But tenants need to let their landlords know why they can’t pay on time. The Housing Authority will let them do this by telephone or e-mail. Others may copy and send this simple form.

The form is provided by DHCD, the State’s Department of Housing and Community Development.

The Governor signed the moratorium into law despite an objection from the Greater Boston Real Estate Board, that wanted to allow landlords to continue sending out notices to quit. Another landlord group, "MassLandlords Inc," was totally opposed.

The moratorium will last for at least 120 days, or until 45 days after the Governor lifts the COVID-19 state of emergency.