ACT Office will reopen next week

but access is limited until further notice

THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 2020—ACT’s Executive Officers have decided to reopen the office at 135 Prospect street. In response to the COVID-19 emergency, the office has been shut down since March 19. However at first the office will operate with certain restrictions.

Although the office will try to maintain its four-day schedule, there will be only one staff volunteer present at any one time. We cannot allow visitors, so people seeking assistance will not be able to come in to speak with ACT volunteers. This will be the rule until further notice.

Restrictions on the use of space continue. We follow the State guidelines on social distancing, and CHA still wisely forbids the use of community rooms for meetings. Thus all ACT committee meetings are being held by teleconference, ZOOM, or similar electronic means.

The first “virtual” meeting of the ACT Governing Board is scheduled for Saturday, June 27. The organization's Board members, and others who have recently attended Board meetings, will receive notices and agendas by postal mail as usual. That mailing will include directions for joining the meeting by telephone or computer.