Rules for realtors, renters, buyers

Cambridge sets new conditions for entry

FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2020—Cambridge has amended its emergency eviction moratorium order. The original order did not allow realtors or owners to enter your home with prospective renters or buyers. Now they may, but only under certain conditions.

Regardless of this amendment, a tenant who is especially vulnerable to COVID-19—due to an existing medical condition or being aged over 64—may still refuse entry. 

Following are the points from the City’s amendment.

a. Notice of the real estate showing shall be given to all occupants of a dwelling unit at least 24 hours in advance. 

b. All visitors shall wear face coverings while on the property and social distancing shall be followed. 

c. All visitors shall either use hand sanitizer immediately prior to entry to the dwelling unit or must put on a new pair of disposable gloves. 

d. Visits to the dwelling unit shall only take place between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., unless another time is agreed by the tenant or occupant. 

e. Agents shall be allowed to measure for floor plans, and to take photos and/or video for a maximum of up to 2 hours. This may be broken up into rwo visits of one hour each. Only professionals doing the work shall be allowed to enter with the agent. 

f. Agents may bring no more than three prospective tenants or buyers at a time. 

g. Rental showings are limited to 15 minutes and there shall be no more than three showings per day if they are done in succession. If not in succession, showings are limited to two per day. 

h. Sales showings are limited to 30 minutes and there shall be no more than three per day if they are in succession. If they are done at different times, showings are limited to two per day. Home Inspections are limited—no more than 90 minutes inside the property. 

i. Visitors may not use bathrooms unless they have written permission (including via text or email) from the occupants. 

j. Current occupants are urged to vacate during realtor visits. If they remain, they must wear a face covering. 

k. Visitors may not touch anything in the dwelling unit, handrails, or bannisters on stairs. Agent and occupants must agree whether doors and cabinets will be left open and who will turn lights off and on. 

View the full emergency declaration here.