This website is now closed

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30—In their agenda for ACT's September 12 virtual (ZOOM) Board meeting, the organization's officers announced that this website would be replaced with a new one in the near future.

Therefore this website is now closed. As soon as the new website is launched, its internet address will be published at the top of this page. That will be the only new piece of information to appear here after October 1st, 2020.

Though de-activated, this site will remain up for at least the next five years at <>

• Everything that is on the site now—all that has been published since this site was launched nine years ago—will be preserved.

• However the site will no longer display new information. Because of this, the site’s content will gradually become outdated. A lot will remain useful, but in reviewing materials you find here, please consider when the materials were posted.

What is the reason for closing this site?

On September 12, the Executive Committee announced to the ACT Board: a “new and improved ACT website [to] be presented at future Board meeting.”  There was  no discussion of the announcement at the meeting. No details were available, beyond a co-chair’s statement that a web developer had already been hired to design the new site.

To date there been no discussion by the ACT Board or in the Executive Committee about migrating features or content from the current website.

                                                                    *  *  *

In the same meeting of  September 12, the ACT Board went into executive session and voted to remove two of its own members, including one of its co-chairs. The process that led to their removal was highly irregular. By voting for removal, the Board approved and participated in this process. Because it did so, I felt I had to resign as office manager and administrator of this website. If you would like additional details of what happened, and why it led me to resign—and if you are an ACT member—I will be happy to respond if you email me at 

The remaining ACT co-chair has said there will be a new volunteer system to staff the office. At this writing, changes in ACT office hours have not been announced. 

—bill cunningham