The ACT office has moved

MONDAY, MARCH 5 2012— The Alliance of Cambridge Tenants has moved its office from Manning Apartments to Jackson Gardens. It's just a few blocks away, but this is a big move for us. There were several days of disruptions as telephone, internet, and files were transferred to the new location. The ACT website and post office box remain the same. During the move we may not have got your phone calls right away but if you left a message and we will try to get back to you within a day or two. The office is now located at the corner of Prospect and Harvard Streets, two blocks north of Mass. Avenue going towards Somerville.

The officers, board, and volunteers of ACT are grateful to the Manning Tenants Council for sharing their space with us over the past three years as ACT struggled to get on its feet. ACT will continue to host some of the larger meetings in the Manning Terrace Room, but most regular functions will now take place at Jackson. 

a guide to this site

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18 2011— We worked for months to get this site ready for occupancy. Was it ready on time? Not really, but we couldn't wait to move in, so— here we are. Welcome to ACT's home page. Please— come on in and have a look around. 

In the left-hand column of this page you will find two boxes. The box on the upper left is mainly a place to find forms and materials to help residents in their relations with the Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA). The box on the lower left has links to various agencies and organizations who may be able to help you with particular problems.

The calendar at the top of the right-hand column will keep you abreast of events in Cambridge and vicinity— most, but not all of these events are sponsored by ACT or the CHA. Right under the calendar is a box containing articles and background papers— many of these are about local, state, or national housing policy. Next on the right is a box of links to the web pages of local tenant councils— most of these are in CHA housing developments. The last box on the right contains links to the organizations with which ACT is affiliated. 

And in the middle is our news column. We hope and expect to offer a steady stream of original reporting and links to articles in other publications. We will focus on issues of particular interest to lower-income residents and tenant households. But there should be much of interest to anyone who cares about life in our local communities.

At the top of the ACT home page you will see a row of blue buttons naming several languages, beginning with English. Clicking on a button should change the site to the language indicated on the button. But there isn't very much there yet. This is the part of our site that needs the most work. But being multilingual is a vital part of what ACT wants this website to be. We need places where all our communities can come together to share information. Besides English, Kreyol, Portuguese, and Spanish, we are preparing to launch in Arabic and Chinese as well. 

Near the top there is a row of grey buttons. You should click those if you would like to help us to help others, or if you think we can help you in some way. But please be patient with us!  ACT is an all-volunteer organization, and we are pretty much all on very limited budgets. Nobody gets paid— ACT simply doesn't have any money for that. That's not going to change anytime soon. We are all in a bleak economic situation, Government and foundations are cutting back more and more. We have no choice but to rely on ourselves and on each other to face the challenging days ahead.

We hope and believe that this website will help us to do that. If you have suggestions or information, or can help to maintain and improve the site, please let us know.

Welcome to our home page! Come back and visit us often!