Residents elect new ACT Board

New faces, renewed energy

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 2012— At 9:45 last night, volunteers from the League of Women Voters announced the result of balloting for the ACT Board. There will be a lot of new faces. Here is the list of public housing residents elected, by district:

District 1. Veronica King, Lennox Chase

District 2. Betty Dupont, Janak Nepal

District 3. Linda Montgomery, Victoria Bergland

District 4. Philip Anderson

District 5. Bill Cunningham, Debra Morris

District 6. Andre Milfort, John Ramos

District 7. Erzi Oliveira

District 8. Marie Rosette Bernard, Therese Ann Joseph

District 9. Nicole Marie Danier, James Williamson

District 10. Delfine Masongo

On the voucher side only six incumbents were returned. Here are the voucher members of the new ACT Board in order of their election:

Cheryl-Ann Pizza-Zeoli  (Inman Square)

Kathy Watkins (Central Square)

James Murphy (Cambridgeport)

Sherri Tucker (Central Square)

Martin Koehler (East Cambridge)

Linda Banks (Inman Square)

Nancy Pierre (Porter Square)

Bonnie Brampton (Central Square)

Mark J. Johnson (Porter Square)

Hasson J. Rashid (Central Square)

Yalem Ambaye Yihdego (Mid-Cambridge)

[deleted by request] (Cambridgeport)

Shams Mirza (East Cambridge)

Sophia Talamas (North Cambridge)

Patricia Toner (Somerville)

Lynette Laveau-Saxe (Cambridgeport)

Michael Johnson (Riverside)

April Akers (Area Four)

Fewer ballots were cast than in 2009—around 4.1 percent of eligible voters actually participated, despite a larger number of candidates this time. But the ACT Office reports that in other ways the election process was highly successful. The mailings and publicity made residents more aware of ACT. As a result more people than ever before are seeking help from and becoming involved with the organization.