ACT Board election set for April 21

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2014— At its January 25, 2014 meeting, the ACT Board established an Election Committee and set April 21 as Election Day for the third ACT Governing Board. The current Board’s terms run out in April.

There will be thirty seats on the new ACT Board—up to fifteen public housing tenants and up to fifteen voucher tenants. The term runs for two years.

If you are a CHA public housing or voucher tenant, at least 18 years old or the head of household of any age, you are a member of ACT. That means you are a voter, and you are eligible to be nominated for a place on the ACT Board.

Details on the nomination procedure will be available after February 10. Nominations will remain open for several weeks. Then ballots will be issued listing the public housing and voucher candidates as two lists. Voters will have two votes for candidates on the list representing their program and two additional votes for whomever they choose from either list.

Any eligible voter may nominate any other eligible voter. People may nominate themselves. You may nominate more than one person.

The ballots will also include policy questions, sometimes called referenda. The results will help guide the policies of the new Board. The ACT Election Committee is actively soliciting ideas for questions—contact the ACT office if you have one.

For its first two elections, ACT mailed nomination papers and ballots to every one of more than five thousand households with eligible voters. There will be no mass mailings this year, due mainly to budget constraints. The Election Committee will instead carry out a vigorous outreach campaign.

So if you’re interested in the ACT election, don’t wait for an invitation in the mail that may never come. Contact the ACT office by phone, mail, or email. Ask to be put on the 2014 ACT Board Election mailing list. 

Telephone—  617-499-7031 


Mail—  Alliance of Cambridge Tenants, P.O. Box 391078, Cambridge MA 02139