Candidates contend for thirty seats on ACT Board

FRIDAY, April 4, 2014— Today official ballots were released for the 2014 ACT Board election. The ballots listed eighteen residents of public housing and fourteen CHA voucher tenants as candidates for thirty seats on the Board. Candidates will have a chance to meet each other and the public between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. Saturday April 12 at the Senior Center in Central Square. Final votes will be accepted and all ballots counted on Patriot’s Day, April 21.

More ballots and information packets will be available at a number of locations, including CEOC, the CHA main office, and the ACT office. The Election Committee encourages candidates and interested residents to pick them up and distribute them widely. ACT is recognized by the Housing Authority, and operates in harmony with government guidelines, according to which all adult CHA voucher tenants and Cambridge public housing residents are ACT members and thus entitled to vote for its Board.

Here are the candidates listed on the ballot. (In addition, voters may write-in names that do not appear on the printed ballot.)

Philip A. Anderson (candidate for re-election)  — Burns Apartments public housing

Victoria Bergland (candidate for re-election)   —  Lincoln Way public housing

Shirley Buchanan   — Jefferson Park public housing

Leonard Campbell — Cambridgeport— voucher

Lynne Campbell — J.F.K. Apartments public housing

Toney Cannon — Cambridgeport— voucher

George Cook — Riverside— voucher

Paula Dottin — Woodrow Wilson Court public housing

Betty Dupont (candidate for re-election)  River-Howard Homes public housing

Bill Ellis (candidate for re-election)  — Manning Apartments public housing

Lesly François  — Jefferson Parkpublic housing

Shirley Green — East Cambridge— voucher

Jean Hannon — Woodrow Wilson Courtpublic housing

George Kelso — Manning Apartmentspublic housing

Veronica King (candidate for re-election) — Manning Apartmentspublic housing

Ismail Justice Laher (candidate for re-election) — North Cambridge— voucher

Fred Lewis (candidate for re-election) — East Cambridge— voucher

Leigh Litchfield — Manning Apartmentspublic housing

Shams Mirza (candidate for re-election) — East Cambridge— voucher

Philip Mitza — Somerville— voucher

Laura Montgomery — Putnam Gardenspublic housing

Linda Montgomery (candidate for re-election) — Corcoran Parkpublic housing

James Murphy (candidate for re-election) — Cambridgeport— voucher

Janak Nepal (candidate for re-election) — Putnam Gardenspublic housing

Lee Pedro (candidate for re-election) — Jefferson Parkpublic housing

Cheryl-Ann Pizza-Zeoli (candidate for re-election) — Inman Square— voucher

Mary Platt (candidate for re-election) — Area Four— voucher

John Ramos (candidate for re-election) — L.B.J. Apartmentspublic housing

Hasson Rashid (candidate for re-election) — Central Square— voucher

Rochelle Shokoti — Area Four— voucher

Sherri Tucker (candidate for re-election) — Central Square— voucher

James M. Williamson  — Jefferson Parkpublic housing


Candidates were invited to submit short statements which can be seen here



The Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT) adopted new bylaws last Fall. The new bylaws include some changes in the election process.

As an ACT voter you now have the opportunity to cast four votes. You should give at least two votes to candidates who live in the same program. That means:


o If you live in public housing you must choose at least two candidates from the public housing list. Your other two votes may go to either public housing or voucher candidates.

o If you are a tenant with a Cambridge (CHA) voucher you must choose at least two candidates from the voucher list. Your other two votes may go to either public housing or voucher candidates.


All candidates are running at-large (citywide). 

In most cases the candidates who receive the most votes will be seated on the new ACT Board. Simple. But— there is one exception to this rule.

To prevent possible undue concentration of Board seats, no more than two candidates may be elected from any one development or site. So suppose there are three (3) candidates from Coolidge Apartments and one (1) from Hoover Gardens. The three Coolidge candidates receive sixty, fifty, and forty votes respectively, while the Hoover candidate receives only thirty. Since only two of the Coolidge candidates can win seats, the Hoover candidate might win a seat even though she receives fewer votes than the third Coolidge candidate—


Coolidge Apts. - Jane 60 votes       •ELECTED

Coolidge Apts. - Fred 50 votes       •ELECTED

Coolidge Apts. - Bill 40 votes     •NOT ELECTED

Hoover Gardens - Elaine 30 votes       •ELECTED


When you cast your vote you must place your ballot in an envelope and put your name and address  on the outside of the envelope. It is best to use an ACT business reply envelope—it is pre-addressed and you don’t have to attach a postage stamp.

To vote you must be a resident of Cambridge public housing or have a CHA voucher. We will check the name and address to make sure you are qualified to vote. Envelopes without names and addresses will not be opened or counted, because there is no way to know that the ballots were cast by persons qualified to vote.

As soon as names and addresses are verified and added to the checklist, they will be concealed under opaque stickers. Thus when our third-party volunteers open the envelopes to count the ballots, no one will be able to identify whose ballots they are.




After the election, the new Board will meet to select ACT’s six executive officers from among the Board’s membership. This meeting will take place soon after the election deadline, early in May.