Results of ACT Board Election

by ACT Election Committee

WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 2014— On Monday April 28, in the Terrace Room at Manning Apartments, volunteers from the Arlington League of Women Voters read and tabulated the ballots in the 2014 ACT Board election. The event was public, and interested people, mostly candidates, came and went until the count was completed shortly before 9:00 p.m. The new Board’s term runs through April 2016.

Fourteen public housing and thirteen voucher representatives were elected. Here are their names:


Philip Anderson

Victoria Bergland

Lynne Campbell

Paula Dottin

Elizabeth Dupont

Bill Ellis

Jean Hannon

Leigh Litchfield

Laura Montgomery

Linda Montgomery

Janak Nepal

Lee Pedro

John Ramos

James Williamson




Leonard Campbell

George Cook

Shirley Green

Justice Ismail Laher

Fred Lewis

Shams Mirza

Philip Mitza

Jim Murphy

Cheryl-Ann Pizza-Zeoli

Mary Platt

Hasson Rashid

Rochelle Shokoti

Sherri Tucker


Although there were eighteen candidates for the fifteen public housing seats, only fourteen were elected. This is because four had to be counted out as ACT’s bylaws set a limit of two representatives from any one public housing development or voucher building.  Jefferson Park and Manning Apartments each had four candidates.

Sixteen of the successful candidates were re-elected from the outgoing Board, nine are new, and two are returning (one who skipped the last term; another resigned from it).

Each voter had up to four votes. All told, the candidates received a total of 479 votes.

Twelve ballots were invalidated for the following reasons: person didn’t include their name and address on the envelope; person was not eligible to vote (CHA public housing and voucher tenants over 18 years of age and CHA heads of household of any age were eligible to vote to elect the ACT board); person attempted to vote twice.

Three policy questions were also on the ACT ballot, but significant numbers—in some cases most—voters either left them blank or checked off “no opinion.” Click here to see those results.