Rights of Tenants

Public Housing Tenants

CHA Lease and Grievance Procedure

CHA schedule of maintenance changes

ACOP—Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy

ACOP is the housing authority's general policy describing how you apply for an apartment in public housing, who is eligible, how rents are set, and the reasons you or your household might lose your apartment.

CHA  "one strike" Lease Addendum

Resident Handbook

State Right-to-Organize Laws

Documents that tenants have signed might look different from these exact forms. For example, the executive director's name and address have been changed on the current versions of these documents.

Voucher Tenants

State Right-to-Organize Laws


Legal Tactics for Massachusetts Tenants

This first three editions of this book were published by Cambridge Tenants Organizing Committee in the early 1970s. Since that time it has been updated and published by Mass. Law Reform Institute. The 2008 edition of this book and various supplements are now available online.

Legal Tactics CLICK HERE for all residential tenants

Legal information for public housing tenants CLICK HERE